In the lore of the Prometheus Omega, there exist many interesting characters.

Fictional Characters Edit

Pleasuremongers Edit

Pleasurecommanders Edit

  • SHM Andrewsex Belewsex of the 7th Crimson Kingu
  • SHM And Drusex of the 81st Emerald Whoring Lands
  • SHM The Melvins of the 18th Jackinworld
  • SHM Yu of the 12th Dripping Mammary
  • SPCUM Certainlyon Chitoris of the 22nd Vaginal Funguys
  • SPCUM Wwilliamus of the 69th Copulatory
  • SPCUM Whoricardo Pleasurtrius of the 81st Emerald Whoring Lands
  • PCUM Haysieng of the 10th Mikurian Undergarment
  • PCUM Professor Prof of the 65th Memetic Dimension
  • PCUM Daev Tremblee Indapants of the 9nd-Hth-6rd7st Cukdisevenbicalledmusicuck
  • PCUM Oilstain Oilecocke of the 78th Lecher Affinity

Sexecutioners Edit

  • SEX Rohahaha Kekshibe of the 8th Mojo-Jojo
  • SEX Melon Parsons of the 1st Roundabout Heart of Sunrise
  • DX Jimmy Urine of the Industrial Jungle of Pussy Punks
  • DX Dj0ntr0ng of the 8/17th Peripheral Osiris

Whorenourables Edit

  • WHO Tor Oddmansurge of the 6th Gah Seelah Bracken
  • WHL Oilstain Landsberg of the 6th Gah Seelah Bracken
  • WHB Heighway Star of Salterryria
  • WHB Duathe Burzus of the 7th Ephellian Brassiere
  • WHB Kayopeth Dott of the 13th Djentium Scintillate
  • WHB Bruford Bollitingus of the 12th Bollockian Overhang
  • WHB Ah-Kill La-Kill of the Once-Yalamic
  • WHB Jessen Haaken of the 12th Mendel Pube
  • WHB Zoo Hair of the 14th Mastodonian Freya
  • WHB Warlord Wanking Warlock Wankien Open Air (WHB 4W)
  • WHB Hongus Mongus of the 22nd Vaginal Funguys
  • 2WHB ‘Bard’ Coal Stud of the 6th Gah Seelah Bracken
  • 2WHB Samothomas of the 6th Gah Seelah Bracken
  • 3WHB Sergei Tankien Open Air of the 77th Syndrome of a Down
  • 3WHB Varges Vixen of the 89th Cripsy Foreskin Flake

Cuntstables Edit

  • CTM Gah Al of the Gory Gowroth
  • CTB Murdick Zabbath of the 4th Immortal Simiandong
  • CTB Chris Anderson of the 1st Roundabout Heart of Sunrise
  • CTB Ch4n of the 52nd Inokian Metlaseedee

Pleasurewarriors Edit

  • PWAR Wody Raulker of the 9th Protestian Zero
  • PREC Jonny Blowstar

Cancerous Scum Edit

  • ESZ Fungusman Eunuchzen of the 666th Devilish Time Pit
  • SPUNK Nani Filth of the Cradle of Shit
  • SPUNK Me’emkienthulu of Yiffjaria
  • SPUNK Filthy Cuntlins of the 75th Geynesis
  • SPUNK Quavis Bryan of the 11th Kettle Decrapitation
  • SPUNK Coricardo Taylor Notsoswift of the 6th Slapnuttian Psysocialism
  • SPUNK Mikannibal Korpse of the 50th Paintool Sai
  • SPUNK Lali-ho of the Death-13
  • JEH Matthias Kimchi Heckardo of the Saino-Korean Friendship Bridge
  • JEH Skorlentis Terrona of the 67th Slideshow
  • JEH Miniscule Deekunn Barnibbles of the 31st Weebanese Shitlands
  • CDP Cucku of the 50th Paintool Sai
  • CDP Feel Anselmofo of the 9th Panty Rawr
  • CDP-m Kirpes Complex of the 7th Punnian Plane
  • CDP-m Handjobzhe of the 3rd Breakiandown Autiste
  • CDP-m Medicinal Flower YA-0-HU-4 of the 117th Halo
  • CDP-m Shashishishirin of the 12th 大开展会
  • CDP-M Meme Shawn Julius of the 9th Gullible Nu-faggotrion
  • CDP-M Sargentrius Waynius
  • CDP-m Cuntye Wank of the 11th Rap-ist

Non-fictional Characters Edit

Artists Edit

  • Gustavol Espanaviali

Writers Edit

  • Jensitor Adultman
  • Freedick Toenail
  • Thomas Madhaaxe (also referred to as Tomas Hackman)
  • Bitchard Fongranius
  • Sergay Fakov
  • Chenille Assfolder
  • Hannejubs Ewwman
  • Verg Vixen
  • Muhammed Kynlif
  • Taakefield Kekstaad
  • Euranalymus Arse

Musicians Edit

Prometheus Omega Edit

  • Shartmaster Yu
  • Stage 4 Testicular Cancer
  • Funginal Infection
  • Shitstorm Generator
  • Food AIDs
  • Wankien Open Air
  • Whoricardo Pleasuretrius

Kesk Edit

  • Sonny O Bracket
  • ASMR-Bow

Violent Dwarves Edit

  • Janice Cunningham
  • George Cunteby

Others Edit

  • Yoko Ono
  • Mark Youngmeadow
  • Higashikekta Memejimaru