Down is a novel written by Euranalymus Arse. It tells the story of the WHB Einar Solberg and his descent into the Salterryrian caves under the guide of the MYS-1 Ee-san Vegan-Garde.

Quoted from Pleasure in Liquid Measure:

Arse’s second novel, which once again features Whorenourable Einar Solberg. It takes a significantly darker tone as compared to The Price, diving extremely deep into the consciousness of Solberg’s character. Unlike The Price, Down is not a re-telling but is an original piece, for details of the life of Einar Solberg after the events of the war against the Devilish Time Pit are vague and close to non-existent.

The plot involves Solberg’s encounter with the MYS-3 Ihsahn and their descent into an abyssal Salterryrian cave known as the Hole of Indifferentia.

Featured Characters Edit

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